Therapy for Individuals

I work mainly through CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), which is a way of helping you make changes in your life and relationships.  It is based on us working together to review your thinking, assumptions, beliefs and behaviours.

The therapeutic techniques I use vary according to what suits you and the difficulties you have. These approaches can commonly include, for example, keeping a diary of significant events and your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. I will help you question and test these, and the assumptions, evaluations and beliefs that follow from them. You will then be able to engage in activities which you may have been avoiding and try new ways of behaving and reacting. I may also encourage relaxation and mindfulness as part of your plan.

I also find that EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) works well for some people whose problems can be traced back to previous distressing experiences.

What Can I Offer You? 

  • Help when you want to make changes in your life
  • Time out to make sense of your individual circumstances or your relationships
  • Identifying ways you can change
  • Support during the process of change
  • A proven way of being better equipped to cope in the future.

You can choose from a series of confidential, professional appointments of 50 minutes in length in a private setting, or online, or by telephone.

Fees: From £60 per 50 min session