Therapy for Couples

Typical psychotherapy or counselling for couples includes:

  • Relationship counseling
  • Phychosexual therapy
  • Transitions (newly-weds, separation, divorce)

About Relationship Counselling 

Many people find there are times in their relationship when communication is a problem. I can help you improve communication and understanding as you deal with either a major or a minor crisis. The sorts of concerns people come to counselling with include….

About Psychosexual Therapy

I offer a structured programme to people with sexual problems. This approach has proven success and is regularly accessed by GPs and other medical professionals.

What Sort of Problems Do I Deal With?

Some sexual problems are purely physical. They could result from disability, illness or be a side-effect of medication. Some are purely psychological, originating in negative childhood messages or sexual trauma. Or perhaps the problem stems from relationship difficulties. The majority of problems have a combination of physical and psychological elements. I have found that individuals and couples come for PST (psychosexual therapy) with a wide range of worries. These are the sorts of things people say:

About Life Transitions

If you are at a crossroads – perhaps getting married, just had your first baby, thinking about separation or divorce, facing the prospect of your children leaving home, you may choose to be better equipped through counselling. Change can feel difficult, but you can learn to manage it more effectively. I can support you to prepare for and make these significant changes.

Fees: From £75 per 50 min session